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Terms of Use

These are my terms of use. Please read and understand them before you borrow any of my graphics. It saddens me that I even have to mention these rules, but you know how it is-- the few bad apples spoil the bunch, (or something like that...) So, this is where I get all stern, wag my finger, and stomp my foot a lot. Please bear with me and follow along...


These graphic sets are linkware-- that is, they're free to use on your personal, nonprofit webpages in exchange for a link back to my site. A logo button is provided with every graphic set for this purpose and should be linked to on every page that my graphics are used on. If you are a commercial business, or are developing websites for others in any way, you may not use my graphics for free. Instead, please contact me to arrange for a license. I'm very affordable.

All images are copyrighted to me and remain mine. You may not edit them in any way, shape or form except to add text to the blank buttons provided for that very purpose. You may not "mix and match" graphic elements from different sets-- they would look terrible. Trust me.

None of these graphics may be redistributed or resold in any way, or added to any collection or archive. And, please don't claim my hard work as your own. Really now.

If you use my graphics, you must copy them to your computer and upload them to your own server. I periodically change the names of my files and you'll be left with ugly broken links all over your site-- or worse. Bandwidth stealing will not be tolerated.

I would also appreciate if you let me know where you use my graphics. I would love to visit them at their new home. :)

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If you'd like to read more about copyright protection and why it's so important, follow this link: (This will open a new window.)

Why, yes, I'd love to know more...

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All rights reserved.