Welcome to my "Pressed Flowers Scrapbook" set.
Created June, 2000


I hope you enjoy using this graphic set as much as I enjoyed making it. Creating this set put me in such a good mood, I swear I had a smile on my face the whole time! :) Many, many summers ago, I remember picking wildflowers and pressing them within the pages of an old book until they flattened and dried. It was like capturing summer itself. And, what a treat it was to come upon my long forgotten flowers many years later. :) This set is an attempt to assemble a few of my favorite flowers to remind me of summer-- hopefully, they'll last a lot longer than my real pressed flowers did.

The cheerful yellow sunflower that comprises much of this set grew right in my backyard from some spilled bird seed. Now that's what I call a happy accident!

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Thank you, and enjoy!


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