Welcome to my "Ancient Jewelry" graphics set.
Created April 9, 2000


I won a mini-font from Gabrielle! Yup, I submitted a title for her Set of the Week, and was chosen as the winner, (set 57:Watercolor Peacock, if you're curious). :) I couldn't have created this graphic set without her wonderfully inspiring mini-font. Thanks, Gabrielle!

I'm not exactly sure how this set came about. I was all ready to create something delicate and pretty when I accidentally made a rusty looking texture. I liked it so much, that I just had to use it. I call this set "Ancient Jewelry" because it made me think of what a Knight of the Round Table might have used to fasten his cape around his neck. Of course, it's all rusty and dull now; It was just recently discovered buried within a crumbling castle wall... :)

Please be sure you've read and understood my Terms of Use.

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me with the button provided at the bottom of the page.

Thank you, and enjoy!


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