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Here's where I satisfy your burning curiosity about me. :)


  • I am a goofy, computer she-geek in her mid-30's living in Suburbia, who is obsessed with creating graphics.
  • When I'm not at my PC, (HA! Right!), I enjoy reading, cooking, music, writing, crocheting, gaming, and watching those strange foreign and independent films.
  • I am an INTP/J (I've been taking this test every year since I was about 20 years old, and the results have evenly fluctuated between those two types. Go figure...)
  • I routinely commit all of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • My dog pees and craps on command. My cat is grumpy and obese.

    Angus von DogWinston McKitty

  • I positively worship Leonardo DaVinci, William Morris, Richard Feynman, Stephen Hawking, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Edgar Allan Poe, oh, and Christopher Noth. :)
  • I never kill spiders, but I'll have a near nervous breakdown if I spot a cockroach.
  • I can go days without sleeping. My record is four. I don't recommend it.
  • I don't drive and I never plan to-- and that's a problem in Suburbia, let me tell you.
  • Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!
  • I have a serious fetish for kitchen appliances. When I die, I want my body buried in a Sub-Zero refrigerator and my head chopped off and buried in a Thermador oven.
  • I still read my favorite children's books.
  • Did I mention chocolate? :)

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