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Welcome to my "Simply Lily" Interface
Created July, 2000


Special thanks to Cathy Madsen for suggesting that I switch some colors around and that I use the delicious looking, chocolate brown color for the borders. Mmmmmmmm, chocolate... :)

This being summer and all, I thought I'd make a quick, simple little set so I could rush back outside to my garden. Of course, I ended up having to wrestle with this interface every step of the way, and it ended up taking me all day to fight this beast into submission! As simple as this looks, it was one of the most time consuming interface I ever made. All I can say is that I hope you all like tables. This interface has tables, and tables within tables, and tables within tables within tab... you get the idea. ;) Unless you're a masochist, I highly recommend downloading the zip file and editing my content if you're interested in using this interface.



Please be sure you've read, understood, and agreed to my Terms of Use before downloading my graphics.

As always, if you decide to borrow these graphics, please link back to http://www.ironivy.com with the button provided.

The font used on the buttons is "Amapola".

Download the whole thing in a zip file here, then you can just erase my text and add your own content. No muss, no fuss, and the javascript is included. :)

Thank you, and enjoy!


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