Welcome to "Desert Things"
Created June 2000



Oooooh, I'm having lots of fun making interfaces. I may never make another regular set again. Well, maybe never... :) My second interface shows some of the creepies and crawlies that lurk in the desert. Boo!

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As always, if you decide to borrow these graphics, please link back to http://www.ironivy.com with the button provided.

The font used on the buttons is "Matisse ITC".

Download the whole thing in a zip file here, then you can just erase my text and add your own content. No muss, no fuss, and the javascript is included. :)


Thank you, and enjoy!




Get the on and off positions for the blank button.

Blank On

Blank Off

Add as many to the interface as you'd like.


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See what I mean? :)